Arez Khidr

I Design and Create Websites.

I’m Arez Khidr, a Web Designer who is passionate about creating unique, colorful, and beautiful websites that are optimized and run fast. Hire me today to elevate your brand and company to the next level.


I will design a custom website tailored specifically towards your brand and checking in with you every step of the way, and modifying as needed.


Once a design is set, I will begin actually building and creating the website. Sending you test links.


Once the website is created I will optimize the website speed, set it up for Google, and set up security measures.

A Great Website Sets You Apart

A modern, personalized website gives you a strong edge over your competition. I will help you make a website that:

  • Is personalized and tailored to your brand
  • Can compete with your competition
  • Provides a sense of professionalism and increases sales

I ensure a unique product

Rather than make a website yourself, or simply fill out a preset template, I will design and create a unique website from scratch. Allowing your website to stand out, and embody the core of your brand.

I will curate a custom color palette to communicate the attitude of your brand.

A selection of custom font pairings, specifically selected for your company, will be provided for you to choose from.

A unique website flow and structure, which is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Let Me Create Your Website

Contact me to get started, or explore my work further.