My Process

Scroll through to see how I work with you to create a unique and awesome website! You will see my exact workflow, so you can understand my process in creating the best website for your brand and its needs.

The Programs I Use

Step One: Communication

After you fill out my Contact form, we will set up a meeting to further discuss the core ideas of the website, the timeline for creation, and the steps that we need to take to ensure success.

Step Two: Design Inspiration

Once we have a set idea and direction, I will spend time researching and developing an inspiration board of other designs. So I can understand your wants for the website aesthetics. Once you approve specific inspirations, I move forward!

Step Three: Designing

After we have a set inspiration I will begin working on the design of the website and sending you update images. While taking your feedback and tweaking the website design!

Step Four: Website Creation

Once we have a finalized design I will start building a functional version of the website, sending you links along the way so you can see how it is progressing.

Step Five: Optimization

Once the website is completed, I will optimize it and decrease the loading speed, set it up for Google usage and apply a proper security and a back-up system.