About Me

I am Arez, a Computer Science student at Colorado College, who has a passion for designing and creating unique and creative websites!

I got into web design when a family member asked me to make a website for them. Since then, I have only taken on more clients and expanded my skills and passion for design.

Besides working on websites, I love going outdoors, playing Soccer and Tennis, and reading! Scroll down below to take a look at what I am reading right now!

Want to Discuss a Project?

I am located in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. If you would like, we can meet in person for coffee to discuss a website. Or, we can meet virtually and talk through the creation of your website.

Press below, to fill out your contact information so we can get started!

What I am Reading Right Now

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight

The Eye of the World

Robert Jordan

The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor